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Ian Webb Engineering – Coronavirus (COVID-19) Statement

With the recent outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the subsequent government advice regarding social distancing, we understand it is important to outline our approach during this period across a number of areas, these include, employee hygiene practice and social distancing, planned maintenance on customer assets, call out facility and our procedure in the event of a national lockdown.

Our position is outlined below on each area.

Employee Hygiene Practice & Social Distancing

Due to the nature of our servicing work and the environment we regularly work within, our employees spend a small percentage of their working day in close proximity to others, but during the short time we are in close contact we will adhere to the following steps:

  1. Ensure employees maintain a minimum 2 metre distance for any other member of the public or our customers during any exchange that is deemed necessary due to health and safety requirements and industry standards
  2. Regularly maintain good hygiene practice by washing hands as often as possible wherever convenient, especially after contact with other people and areas of regular use by other people. Also, sneezing into elbow and avoiding touching of your face
  3. Any requirement for signing of documentation by the customer shall be temporarily halted to avoid any unnecessary contact
  4. PPE guidelines are followed, with engineers always wearing disposable latex gloves during work along with standard

If you encounter any employee of Ian Webb Engineering not closely following the above guidance please inform us on 01296 771000.

Planned Maintenance

At the time of writing 24/03/2020 we will operate a call out only service for the forseeable, to allow us to fulfil our commitment to any emergency service customers during a period of national emergency. Our call out service will be available to all customers who have a service agreement containing a call out facility. See our current call out policy below.

Acting on the advice of the government and to ensure we follow this strictly Ian Webb Engineering will do our utmost to fulfil our service commitments to our customers. If any customer is unable to facilitate our planned maintenance visits, we are happy to rearrange them to a more convenient date, even if out of contracted period of cover*.

Call out facility

All our service contract customers have a pre-agreed call out arrangement associated and outlined in their service agreement. Please follow the below process in the event you require a call out to Ian Webb Engineering:

During office hours: 8am – 4.30pm weekdays. Please call 01296 771000.

Your call will be answered by one of our office staff who will assess the urgency of your call out and dispatch an engineer appropriately or arrangements will be made for an engineer to attend site at their earliest convenience. We assess the severity and urgency of a call out.

Please make sure to provide your Name, site name and contact number in the event we need to get back in touch.

Call out charges apply, as outlined in your service contract.

Out of hours: 4.30pm – 8am weekdays, weekends and bank holidays. Please call 01296 771000

Your call will be diverted to the out of hours voicemail, where you will be provided with the allocated out of hours mobile number to call. Your call will be answered by our out of hours engineer who will assess the severity of your call out requirement and make the decision to attend site immediately or arrange a site visit at a more convenient time for you during normal working hours.

Please make sure to provide your Name, site name and contact number in the event we need to get back in touch.

Out of hours call out charges apply, as outlined in your service contract.

National lockdown

In the event of a government enforced national lockdown, we will aim to maintain our call our service to our service contract customers who follow the above policy. We will certainly be available for any phone support that will be initially required by our customers in the event of a call out, we will then asses your need and act accordingly.

Ian Webb Engineering is committed to providing a seamless service, with minimum disruption during this period of uncertainty.

During any quarantine measures undertaken by the UK government we will continue to support those customers on service contracts with us.

We understand that at times of concern and national emergency, critical power is essential, and ensuring our customers can continue with any necessary operations is our aim.

Thank you for your understanding

Ian Webb
Ian Webb Engineering

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